Official 27 Task 2

Switch to Electronic Books

The university will begin switching from traditional-bound textbooks early next year. University students will be able to download the content of their required textbooks to a reading device and read the material directly from the device’s screen. While the cost of the device is around $200, it is a one-time expense. Considering the rising cost of textbooks, students will save money in the long run since purchasing electronic books for their classes is much less expensive than buying regular textbooks. Furthermore, the university believes the device will be an effective study aid because it is simple to operate and offers features such as highlighting of text and note-taking.

Now listen to two students discussing the article.
Woman: Oh, no, did you see this?
Man: Yeah, Why? You don't like the idea?
Woman: Not at all.
Man: How come?
Woman: Well, the cost, for one thing,
they're just not being realistic.
Man: Even compared to the price of textbooks?
Woman: Well, sure, textbooks aren't cheap,
but do you think people are only going to use one device the whole time there at university?
But what happens if yours breaks?
You have to buy a new one or they come out with some fancy new features.
Wouldn't you want to get a new one then?
Man: Yeah, I see what you mean.
A lot of people would probably want to replace theirs with the latest version.
Woman: Right, maybe even every year, and that can add up.
Man: True.
But don't you agree it'll make studying and preparing for classes a lot easier?
Woman: I don't think everybody is gonna think it's so great.
Man: What do you mean?
Woman: Well, it's only helpful if it's easy to use and,
well, this thing is pretty small.
It's only about eighteen or twenty centimeters tall.
Man: Oh, really, so that means the screen is pretty small。
Woman: Right. And I heard that the key pad or control buttons, they're small too.
So if you have normal sized fingers,
it's not so easy to select an item or get it to function right.
You know to do stuff like highlighting or underlining.
Man: I hadn't thought of that.
So what good are all those fancy features if it's hard to use them?
Besides, I like the old fashioned way of studying the material,
writing notes on the page and underlining or highlighting important sections of the book.
I'm more comfortable with that.

The woman expresses her opinion about the university’s plan. Briefly summarize the plan, then state her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.