Official 2 Task 2

Bus Service Elimination Planned

The university has decided to discontinue its free bus service for students. The reason given for this decision is that few students ride the buses and the buses are expensive to operate. Currently, the buses run from the center of campus past university buildings and through some of the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. The money saved by eliminating the bus service will be used to expand the overcrowded student parking lots.

Man: I don't like the university's plan.
Woman: Really? I've ridden those buses,
and sometimes there were only a few people on the bus.
It did seem like kind of a waste.
Man: I see your point.
But I think the problem is the route's out-of-date.
It only goes through the neighborhoods that have gotten too expensive for students to live in.
It's ridiculous that they haven't already changed the route-- you know,
so it goes where most off-campus students live now.
I bet if they did that, they'd get plenty of students riding those buses.
Woman: Well, at least they're adding more parking.
It's gotten really tough to find a space.
Man: That's the other part I don't like, actually.
Cutting back the bus service and adding parking is just going to encourage more students to drive on campus.
And that'll just add to the noise around campus and create more traffic,
and that'll increase the need for more parking spaces.
Woman: Yeah, I guess I can see your point.
Maybe it would be better if more students used the buses instead of driving.
Man: Right, and the university should make it easier to do that, not harder.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan to eliminate the bus service. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.