Official 19 Task 2

Fee Increase for Recreation Center Use

The university administration today announced a $25 increase in the student fee for using the campus recreation center. The higher fee, which all students are required to pay, will provide funds to upgrade the facility and provide newer, more modern exercise equipment at the center. “We expect the improvements to increase student use of the facility,” explained David Smith, director of the student activities office. Mr. Smith also noted that the decision was approved because “We feel that $25 is a reasonable increase that will be affordable for individual students.”

Narrator: Now listen to two students discussing the article.
Man: Did you see this announcement in the newspaper?
It sounds like a great idea.
Woman: You really think so?
Not many people even use the place.
Man: I know that's the point.
People don't go there because the facilities are old and the exercise equipment breaks down.
I think the director is right that they get more use out of it this way.
Right now, the place is usually empty, and that's too bad.
Students can get pretty stressed out if they don't get some exercise.
Woman: That's a good point,
but doesn't it seem like a lot of money?
Man: It's not really all that much.
If you figure a lot of people spend that kind of money on a CD or when they go out to the movies,
this is just one charge for the whole year.
Woman: That's true, and instead of some little thing, we get a recreation center people might actually use.
Man: Right, so considering the benefits,
it's really not that much to pay.
Woman: Yeah, I guess you're right.
The man expresses his opinion about the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.