Official 17 Task 2

New Library Workspaces

Say good-bye to the big, multi-person study tables in Turner Library. This summer, the tables will be exchanged for new personal study cubicles—small, one-person desks enclosed by walls. These new units will allow students to have privacy and work in isolation and will therefore eliminate noise in the library, so students can concentrate. Additionally, the cubicles will enable the library to accommodate the recent increase in the number of students attending our university. Although the current tables seat six students each, they make poor use of the available floor space. The cubicles, on the other hand, are designed for maximum space efficiency, and the library can therefore add 50 new seats.

Narrator: Now listen to two students discussing the announcement.
Man: They're making a mistake.
Woman: What do you mean?
Man: Look, they're trying to do away with distractions,
so we can study better.
But with this change,
we won't have anywhere in the library to get together to work on group projects.
Woman: True. Group project work is common these days.
Man: So instead of buying these new units,
they should use the money to build meeting rooms,
and that would reduce any noise in the main library areas.
Woman: Yeah. That's what we could really use.
There's just not as much need to work in isolation.
Man: Exactly. And the other thing is,
what's this about overcrowding?
Sure, we have more students enrolled at the university this year,
but do we really have a problem with overcrowding?
Woman: I don't think so.
I always get a whole table to myself.
Man: Right, I see empty tables there all the time.
It'll just be a waste of money to replace what we have,
since what we have now is sufficient for the amount of students that use the library.
The man expresses his opinion about the upcoming change. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.