Official 15 Task 2

University Should Pave Running Trails

The university has about three miles of unpaved dirt running trails that pass through the forest near campus. I think these trails should be paved with cement. One reason for paving the trails would be to increase their safety. When it rains, the dirt turns to mud and becomes very slippery, so the runners who use them can slip and fall. Pavement would solve this problem. Also, paving would make the trails look nicer, which would encourage students to use them. Bumps in the trail would be smoothed out and weeds would be paved over, making the trail more attractive to runners.

Narrator: Now listen to two students discussing the letter.
Woman: Hey,'re a runner.
Did you see this letter in the paper?
Man: Yeah, I did... and I use those...
Woman: And?
Man: I think it's a terrible idea.
Woman: How come?
Man: Well, she really hasn't thought it through...
like, the thing about making them safer-
what she's not thinking about is the long-term consequences of running on a hard surface.
Woman: What do you mean?
Man: I mean, it's not good for you...
it's too hard on your bones and joints.
If you run repeatedly on a hard surface,
it can lead to injuries...
or, that's what I've been taught, anyway...
it's better to run on a soft surface.
It does less damage to your body.
Woman: Oh, I wasn't aware of that.
Man: Yeah, so actually it wouldn't be safer. And her second point...
Woman: About changing the way they look?
Man: Yeah, I don't think people will like it.
Woman: So they'd use them less?
Man: Yeah, I mean one of the main reasons people enjoy them now is it's a way of taking a break from the rest of campus...
from buildings and streets and stuff...
it's, you know, a chance to feel like you're out in nature.
Woman: Oh... so you wouldn't get that effect anymore.
Man:'d just be like you were on a regular street or sidewalk.
It wouldn't be as relaxing.
The man expresses his opinion about the proposal  in the student's letter.  Briefly summarize the proposal. Then state the man's opinion about the proposal and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.