Official 51 Task 3

Image Advertising

When companies advertise a product, they depend on the use of images as well as words to achieve their goal of increasing sales. An image can be a symbol, character, or design - any visual figure or representation that will link the company with their product in the consumer's mind. Typically the image is a positive, entertaining one that consumers enjoy so much that it makes them want to buy the product in the future. The image also tends to be easy to remember even though it is usually something not normally or logically associated with the product.

Narrator: Now listen to part of a lecture in a Marketing class.
Professor: You know, there are lots of different companies out there that make and sell cookies or biscuits.
But there's one company,
Big Bear Cookies, that has used this technique to sell more cookies than all its competitors.
How? Well, the company has this animal character called Big Bear that it uses in all the advertising.
The picture of the bears on its cookie boxes and the character of the bear also appears in its TV commercials.
Oh, and of course, the cookies themselves are shaped like big bear.
Now most people who eat Big Bear Cookies are children,
and well, they enjoy the bear and think that he's really entertaining and fun.
In the TV commercials, for example,
he's always saying funny things and dancing around in a lively, comical way.
So Big Bear makes children feel good about the company's cookies,
makes children want to get them.
And you know,
the really interesting thing is that the figure of big bear stays in people's minds and makes them think of cookies,
even though bears don't usually have anything to do with cookies.
I mean, bear certainly don't make or eat cookies, right?
Yet, Big Bear is a character that people,
particularly children, don't seem to forget,
because year after year Big Bear Cookies sells more cookies than any other company.
Using the example from the lecture, explain the use of image advertising to sell products.