Official 55 Task 2

Volunteer Work Within the Community

State University will now require all students to complete ten hours of volunteer work in the local community before graduating. Serving as a volunteer is not only helpful to communities, but also beneficial and convenient for students. When they take time to help others, students experience a deep sense of satisfaction. This sense of fulfillment leads them to continue working within their communities. Furthermore, volunteering will be convenient for students. There are a number of nearby organizations in need of student volunteers, so students can easily arrange to work locally.

Narrator: Now listen to two students discussing the announcement.
Man: Did you read the announcement?
Woman: Yeah. But you know, I really don't think it'll be that beneficial.
Man: How come? It seems all right. I know they need some volunteers in town to work at the Youth Center.
Woman: Well, it's a nice idea, but making it mandatory will probably have the opposite effect from what the announcement says.
It's a great thing for the university to encourage and all...
Man: Sure.
Woman: But having a requirement... that's gonna cause resentment, not inspire students to volunteer more.
We'll probably all fulfill the requirement, then try to avoid volunteering in the future.
It'll leave a bad taste in my mouth, I'm afraid.
Man: Yeah, I can see that.
Woman: And also, I mean, it's great that there's opportunities nearby, but still most of them probably aren't within walking distance, like the park.
They're always looking for volunteers to clean the area. But most students, including me, don't have cars on campus.
Man: Yeah, me neither.
Woman: And there isn't much public transportation either. Even if these places are local, how are we supposed to get there? It's just not practical.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s new policy. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.