Official 57 Task 2

Extending Study Period

The university now schedules one study day at the end of every semester for students to prepare for final exams. I suggest that the university consider extending this study period to three days. Most students have exams in several classes. Having only one study day between the end of classes and the beginning of the final exam period is not enough time to prepare for all of the exams. Additionally, having a three-day study period will give students extra time to consult with their professors if they need help or advice before the exam period begins.


Robert Steele

Narrator: Now listen to two students discussing the letter.
Man: So what do you think of Robert's letter?
Woman: Well, I don't know how helpful his idea would be.
Man: Really?
Woman: Yeah, students should be studying all throughout the semester, not waiting until a few days before exams.
Man: So you don't think we need this.
Woman: Right. It's just gonna encourage students to wait and do all of their studying at the end of the semester. And you just can't learn it all in a few days.
Man: Ok. But what about the other point he mentioned?
Woman: Oh that, I don't think that's the best time to be asking professors questions about the courses.
Man: Why not?
Woman: Well, professors are really busy during that period with grading homework assignments and preparing the exams.
They might not have time to answer students' questions. It'll be pretty hard to make appointments with professors at that time. Don't you think?
Man: Eh yeah. They might just not have enough time.

The woman expresses her opinion about the proposal in the letter. Briefly summarize the proposal. Then state her opinion about the proposal and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.