Official 36 Task 2

Allow Laptops in Class

Though most of us own laptop computers, we are currently not allowed to use them during class. I think this policy should be changed. Since most of us type faster than we write by hand, taking notes on a computer would be quicker and easier, so we could pay more attention to professors’ lectures. Also, since laptop computers have Internet access, professors could direct students to view Web sites with useful information while lectures are going on. They could look up useful facts and background information on a topic or view different photographs or illustrations of something the professor is describing. This would help students gain a more complete understanding of lecture topics.

Jodie Smith

Narrator: Now listen to two students discussing the letter.
Woman: Did you see this letter in the paper?
Man: Yeah, but I don't think it's a good idea.
Woman: Why not?
Man: Well, 'cause I think students would pay even less attention to the professor or not more.
I think they'd be too much of a distraction.
Woman: How so?
Man: Well, maybe some students would actually use laptops to take notes.
Woman: I would.
Man: OK, you would.
But a lot of people,
most people would be too busy playing around with them instead.
You know, surfing the Internet,
e-mailing friends, playing computer games, that kind of stuff.
Woman: Huh. So you really think they'd pay less attention?
Man: Yeah, really, I think that's what would happen.
Woman: Alright. But what about her second point?
Don't you think if students had them in class,
professors would be able to use the Internet as a teaching tool?
Man: The problem with that is that not everyone has a laptop computer.
Only some people have one.
Woman: True.
Man: So you see not everyone would be able to follow along.
It wouldn't be useful as a teaching tool if only some students could follow along, but not others.
Woman: I see what you mean.

The man expresses his opinion of the proposal the student makes in the letter. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.